Our Mission

Our comprehensive experience throughout the entire value chain from raw materials and equipment to finished goods and services enables us to draw actionable conclusion and recommendations.

Our mission is to enable clients to make better business decisions regarding key opportunities and threats by empowering them with the critical insights into important markets, the competitive landscape, and the changing regulatory and economic environment.

Strategic Approach

We leave no stone unturned while building the insights our clients need to succeed.

As a partner committed to the success of your business, SAI is uniquely positioned to help you maintain your competitive edge. Our global team combines strong technical, product, market and industry knowledge with primary (field) and secondary research to obtain current in-depth assessments of the critical issues impacting our clients. We combine this external input with the client’s internal needs and understanding of the issues at hand to provide actionable conclusions and strategic and tactical recommendations.

Building long-term partnerships with clients is a key element of our success. We provide support on issues that drive sustainable competitive advantage and performance.