Functional Services

SAI Industrial’s core functional services are underpinned by our extensive industry experience, subject matter expertise, field research and analytical skills. This enables us to provide decision support across all your business development and management needs, including:

Growth Initiatives & Acquisition Services

Growth strategies
Acquisition/Alliance evaluations

  • Acquisition strategy development
  • Identification and screening of potential investment opportunities
  • Due diligence analysis of target firms
  • Synergy analysis
  • Financial analysis and determination of value
  • Development of bidding strategies and analysis of competitive bidders
  • Arranging meetings with owners of the target companies
  • Assistance in negotiations
  • Post-acquisition integration

Market Opportunity Assessments
Technology search/assessment
Site location studies
Diversification studies

Market Leadership Initiatives

Strategic direction and vision
Business plans for success
Economic value-in-use
Future market needs

Market Opportunity Assessments

Adjacent market evaluation and strategy
Blue ocean opportunities
Market assessment
Market entry strategy
Market research
Needs-based market segmentation
New market/product opportunities
Value-chain analysis
White space opportunities

Supply Chain Analysis

Supply chain analysis
Low-cost country sourcing
Development of sourcing strategies
Identification and evaluation of sourcing options
Analysis of pricing
Benchmarking of sourcing and procurement activities of key competitors and best-in-class companies
Evaluation of the outlook for strategic products and services
Analysis of manufacturing and other costs of key suppliers
Logistics/Distribution studies

Customer Intelligence

Customer mapping
Key account analysis
Needs-based customer segmentation
Performance benchmarking
Sales enablement
Sales lead generation
Voice of the customer
Win-Loss analysis

Competitive Positioning

Competitive threat analysis
Labor cost studies
Manufacturing and cost analyses
Strategic intent and direction
War games

Strategic Insights/Retainer

  • A research tool to answer questions quickly, based on primary (field) research
  • Helps to answer key questions about markets, competitors, technologies, investment opportunities, customer buying behavior, regulatory issues, etc.
  • Not a substitute for comprehensive business research projects