SAI Coronavirus Intelligence Alert


The Situation

  • Stock markets are gyrating up and down due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in China which has spread to other parts of the world.
  • As the Chinese government and the World Health Organization establishes policies and programs to control the spread of the virus (now named COVID-19), businesses are being impacted.

The Solution

  • SAI’s Chinese team is helping clients to deal with the many challenges as the coronavirus spreads, including:
    • Analyzing supply chain issues and alternative sources
    • Understanding competitors’ actions to keep their businesses on track
    • Assessing customers’ problems and needs which can result in a competitive advantage
    • Identifying problems in the market that can be translated into opportunities
    • Reviewing changes in Chinese regulatory policy and their impact
  • SAI, a global business consulting firm with staff in Beijing and Shanghai, can develop the information and analysis needed to understand the impact of the coronavirus and keep your business moving forward
  • Operating in China since 1995, SAI’s Chinese team completes over 100 consulting assignments yearly
  • If you would like to discuss your specific needs and how SAI can best assist, please contact me to schedule a confidential teleconference or meeting
  • Bruce W. Deckman, President, SAI Industrial at +1 610-320-6100 or